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The world has imagined the metaverse for years—but at TONOMUS, we’re actually building it. To transform all that dreaming into doing, we need your help.

If you’re an entrepreneur, a student, a startup, an innovator—anyone with a game-changing idea or product—you’re invited to apply to the metaverse competition. Winners will be accepted into our Venture Studio, where you’ll receive world-class support and the chance to test your idea in NEOM, the building site of the world’s first cognitive city and home to an expansive built-in customer base.

Applications are closing soon. Submit your idea or venture now.
Welcome to The Metaverse

In the metaverse, digital and physical architectures will be seamlessly merged with hyper-connected technologies and AI features. There won’t be megacities—instead we’ll have meta cities. It will be an inclusive digital reality, a collaborative, human-centric destination at the forefront of innovation and livability.

Submit Idea or Venture
Below are a few venture examples to jumpstart your inspiration. But don’t limit your thinking—we’re open to anything and everything!
Enterprise Training
How can we enable operations crews to train field workers more efficiently through one comprehensive platform that connects physical and digital training?
Omnicommerce Retail and E-Commerce
How can we enable merchants to effectively market and sell by allowing customers to experience their offerings in the metaverse?
How can we foster engagement with local and foreign tourists through virtual games and sandboxes with prizes that can be redeemed in the physical destination?
Architecture and Real Estate
How can we use templatized component libraries or citywide digital twins to enable urban planners and real estate developers to create more livable cities?
Arts and Culture
How can we use metaverse media (e.g., real-time 3D, AI, Web3) to empower creatives to establish new relationships and audiences that enable greater appreciation of the arts?
Education and Future of Work
How can we use the metaverse to help people connect in new ways, feel a deeper sense of community, and create more effective learning and working experiences?
Carbon Neutrality And Sustainability
How can we virtualize a carbon heavy activity or measure the carbon expense in the digital world to significantly limit humanity’s carbon footprint?
Open Standards and Interoperability
How can we develop greater interoperability, open standards protocols, and middleware to enable connectivity between virtual worlds and platforms?
How can we better manage treatment of personal data, digital identities, moderation, and inclusion to make the metaverse a place for human progress?
What makes this opportunity unique?

Lots of companies talk about changing the world, but this is the chance to do it. As a global community, we need to work decisively on human-centric technologies to move us into a sustainable future.

Because of the urgency involved in making these ideas reality, we are looking to help applicants by providing an intensive and immersive opportunity for you to develop your idea alongside the best minds in the industry.

And then there’s NEOM.

What is Neom?

NEOM is much more than our biggest customer: it is a destination like no other, a world waiting to be discovered and developed.

NEOM is our chance to effect change in sectors like energy and water, design and construction, education, health, food, nature, renewable energy, tourism, media, financial services, mobility, and more.

NEOM is a laboratory, a place to test ideas and cutting-edge technologies on a built-in customer base.

Most importantly, NEOM is the future. Help us build solutions to the world’s biggest problems here—and we’ll share them everywhere.

Submit Idea or Venture
Our Venture Studio

If you gain acceptance into our Venture Studio, you’ll have an experience unlike any you’ve had before.


Competition winners will be invited to join the Venture Studio program which will fund participants to participate in the incubation program which is focused on customer and then concept development, followed by creation of a specific business and operating plan. The Venture Studio program is expected to run for 12 weeks but this may be extended at our discretion.


You’ll develop your idea in a state-of-the-art digital environment with a focus on design thinking, research, and prototyping.


A design-focused process that consists of finding customer pain points, determining the right product/service, designing the business, and prototype testing.


Our experts will guide you through early sprints and acceleration approaches.


We’ll help hire any additional team members and experts you need to complete the Venture Studio program.


Our team will provide hands-on support with digital prototype development.

Business Design

Anticipating go to market, we’ll work with you to design the right business model and strategy for revenue generation.


We’ll help brand your business, including initial naming and logo development.

Meet the Judges
John Albright Jane Nguyen Diana Russo Carl Collins
VP of Product Chief Strategy Officer VP of Technology VP of Sales
Investment Criteria
Fulfills the Mission Valuable Solution Managable Risk
Ensure your proposal is aligned with the sponsor's mission and meets all criteria Fulfill a costly need in the target market and showcase your product differentation Thoroughly research the risks and provide details on how they might be addressed

Leverage the following resources for building your Proposals and Pitch presentations:



For Proposal Submissions

Business Model Canvas

Value Proposition Canvas

Business Environment Canvas



For Pitch Presentations

Pitch Deck Template

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