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About the Application and Competition Process
How do the phases of the competition work?
What can I expect if our venture/team is selected as a semi-finalist in the competition?
When should I expect to get a response to my submission?
Can I submit more than one idea or venture for consideration?
Can I edit/change my idea for a new venture once I have submitted it?
What if I don’t want to join the team that develops the venture, but I still have a great idea to submit?
Can I submit an idea for a new venture anonymously?
What if I do not have answers to every question asked in the submission form?
What kind of attachments can I submit? Are there limits on pages, sizes, formats?
I have a good pitch deck already; can’t I just attach this to an empty submission form?
What if I need more space to explain my idea?
Can I use a language other than English in the submission form?
About the Venture Studio
What are the stages and potential “outcomes” for a venture emerging from the Venture Studio program?
Will our venture and team be compensated if we are selected for the Venture Studio program?
What resources will be available to me in the Venture Studio program?
What is the optimum team size for the Venture Studio program?
What time zone will the program primarily operate in?
How does intellectual property work?
I am a single founder. Can I still apply?
Does the Venture Studio make equity investments in the Venture Studio portfolio companies?
What are the terms that teams agree to when they are accepted into the Venture Studio program?
If selected as a winning team, do I have to temporarily relocate to participate in the program?
If I join the Venture Studio, do I have to relocate after completing the program?
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